Anna Nordström
the queen of fabrics



Anna Nordström b. 1984 Gävle, Sweden. Educated at Konstfack, Stockholm and MICA, Baltimore.

In her work Nordström utilizes a wide range of textile techniques, mainly patchwork, quilting and embroidery. The traditional, or more common ways of creating are modified to concern thoughts on work, labour, status, value and (lack of) professionalism. 

The expression of the materials play an important part and are chosen based on specific qualities and connotations. Often purchased on sale, often saying something about femininity. 

Nordström is one of the founding members of Den Nya Kvinnogruppen (The New Womens Group) 2013-2018, a collective consisting of six artists working with workshops, seminars and exhibitions exploring materiality, tactility and feminist strategies.

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Now: London Design Fair 2019


2019 What To Say When You Talk To Your Self, Amala Gallery, Tokyo

2018 Happy For No Reason, Galleri Krets, Malmö

2018 Happy For No Reason, Hangmen projects, Stockholm
2018 Happy For No Reason (in the digital age), Hälsinglands Museum, Hudiksvall

2014 Professional Feelings, Länsmuseet Gävleborg

2012 Slöjd Mix <3, Hamrånge Hembygdsförening
2012 Made In Home Office, IDKA, Gävle


2019 Arbete/ Axistens, Meken, Smedjebacken

2018 Hunger, TSSK, Trondheim, Norway

2018 Chart Art & Design, Curio Trans-Act, Copenhagen

2018 Fruit Salad, Crum Heaven, Stockholm

2017 Vertigo, Hilde Gallery, Los Angeles USA
2017 NormForm, ArkDes, Stockholm
2017 Textile Subtitles, Malmö Konstmuseum
2017 Örnsbergsauktionen, Stockholm
2016 Textile Subtitles, Marabouparken, Stockholm 

2016 Summershow, Hangmen Projects, Stockholm
2016 The Dry Delicate, duoshow with Cecilia Hultman, Hangmen projects, Stockholm
2015 Örnsbergsauktionen 2015, Japan 

2014 Örnsbergsauktionen, Stockholm